4 Common Reasons for Getting a Nose Job

It’s easy to assume that appearance is the number one reason for plastic surgery – but is it really? Here are four common reasons for getting a nose job.


As with most things in life, there is more than one reason for undergoing plastic surgery. While it’s often seen in relation to celebrities, socialites, and influencers, it’s not always glamour and looks that make people go under the knife. In fact, function might be just as important as form. We´ll use nose jobs as an example.

1. Injuries from accidents

Many accidents can inflict damage on the nose area. It doesn’t have to be from a fist fight or a boxing match. Being in the centre of your face, your nose is very exposed and an easy target to hit. Accidents might just as well happen when someone throws something for you to catch, and you miss it by one tiny second. 

You can also damage your nose while walking into glass doors or similar setups. More serious accidents can break your nose, like falls or traffic accidents. 

In fact, many people seek out a plastic surgeon because of an accident. In such cases, the procedure is more about reconstruction and not as much about changing your looks. Did you know that plastic surgery has been an important treatment for soldiers for years? Many new techniques and methods were developed and mastered in order to treat gunshot or grenade wounds. 

2. Natural defects

Some people are born with nasal problems which could become an issue later in life. Such problems could develop over time, and you might not even notice them as problems at first. 

One common problem is a deviated septum. This means that the cartilage dividing the nasal passage is crooked or uneven. When this is the case, it makes one side narrower than the other. You can be born with a deviated septum or it can be caused by an injury. 

Some people don’t experience any problems with a deviated septum, while it could lead to several issues for others. Because one side is narrower, proper breathing can become an issue. As a result of this, nosebleeds and frequent sinus infections can occur. You might also be more prone to snoring and waking up in the middle of the night.

A nose job could fix such issues caused by a deviated septum. 

3. Appearance

Appearance is also a common reason for getting a nose job, of course. Lots of celebrities, influencers on Instagram and other people who are constantly in the spotlight, or who live off of their looks, have gotten plastic surgery. Many say they do it because of insecurities about their looks.  

But not everyone does it to change their natural look, however. One patient was actually attacked and bitten by a dog. This altered the appearance of her nose. She subsequently had a nose job in order to restore the way she looked before. 

Here’s another reason. The example above actually shows a combination of reason number 1 and number 3. The accident did not lead to an extensive injury, but changed the way her nose looked. In such situations, it’s not really about having a shorter or slimmer nose than you do naturally, but rather about getting your natural nose back again. 

4. Gender reassignment surgery

Appearance refers to the way you look but appearance is also about who you are. Some don’t feel at home in the body they were born with. People with gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder might want to undergo a gender reassignment surgery, formerly known as a sex change. After surgery, their appearance will match their true gender.

Changing your gender doesn’t just involve plastic surgery, and it definitely isn’t’ just about a nose job. It involves many different procedures and is a complicated process. The number of procedures is also highly dependent on the individual.

For instance, someone making the transition to a female might want a facial feminization surgery. This surgery involves procedures designed to make the face more feminine. A nose job might be one of the procedures involved. It could for instance make a masculine nose smaller and thinner.  

That’s four reasons for getting a nose job. Contrary to popular belief, not all of them are aesthetic in nature. And appearance is not just aesthetics. Whatever reason someone might have for choosing plastic surgery, the common goal should always be to do proper research and find a good doctor. 

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