5 reasons why online gift cards from InterOnlineGifts is the perfect gift

Is there a birthday coming up? InterOnlineGifts from Barcelona has the perfect gift for you. Here are 5 reasons why.

We all know the feeling: A birthday, Christmas or another celebration is getting closer and closer and you still haven’t bought a gift. You want to ask for some tips, but you also feel like you should know what they want. Ever been in this situation?

Most of us have. Well, fear not, because the good people at InterOnlineGifts got your back. 

1. Something for anyone

The site has got something for anyone. Their main focus is video game gift cards, but there are plenty of other options for people who don’t play. You could for instance get a Netflix Gift Card for the film buff you know. Or what about a Google Play Gift Card?

If you want a gift for a gamer, InterOnlineGifts from Barcelona got you covered. You’ll find something for any player – no matter what genre they prefer or what platform they play on. There are cards for specific games but also for the online stores of Playstation, Steam, Nintendo, and Xbox. In other words, there is plenty to choose from and you are guaranteed to find something for anyone.

2. You choose the amount

InterOnlineGifts from Barcelona has gift cards in different price ranges, allowing you to choose for yourself how much you want to give. This is the perfect gift no matter the occasion. Give a small amount for a small get-together, or a bigger amount for an important birthday.

For example, for Google Play, you can choose between two amounts: 25 euros or 50 euros. For Netflix, you can choose between 15 euros or 25 euros. Decide for yourself what is most suitable for the occasion. Some cards, like the ones for specific games, have a set price.

3. The recipient can choose what to get

With many of the cards, recipients can choose what to use it for. In other words, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect game, film or book for the person who receives it. Instead, let them decide for themselves. You can’t go wrong with InterOnlineGifts from Barcelona.

Let’s use the example of Google Play again. Here you’ll choose the amount for yourself, but which app, film, game or book to use the amount on, is up to the recipient. There is an abundance of content to choose from. You can be certain that the person will find something which makes them happy. 

4. Simple to buy, simple to use

InterOnlineGifts from Barcelona makes your shopping experience easy. No need to worry about difficult steps and forms. To place an order, you must simply:

  • select the product(s) desired,
  • select the desired amount/value,
  • enter a valid email address for delivery of the product activation code,
  • confirm the order details,
  • submit payment.

You’ll receive an activation code by email to the address you entered. This code can be used by the recipient in the online store you have chosen. If you want to, you can print out the code and put it in an envelope. Then you’ll be able to hand something physical over when you arrive at the party or event. 

After receiving the present from you, using it is also very easy. The recipient must simply choose to pay by gift card at the online store and type in the code during checkout.

5. Safe 

Gift cards might actually be safer to use than credit cards. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, you don’t need to leave your credit card information or bank account details in different locations online. By avoiding this, you protect yourself from identity theft, credit card fraud, and similar schemes.

Secondly, if you are in the unfortunate situation that the online store has been hacked, and your personal information has been compromised, the thieves will not be able to drain your entire account. Gift cards only contain a specific amount on them, and these amounts are usually not that big.

The perfect gift

These 5 reasons make it clear that an online gift card is indeed the perfect gift. You should visit the site the next time you´re going to a birthday party, when you’re shopping for a  Christmas present or any other celebration. You don’t need to hurry to the store to find something anymore or worry about whether or not what you found will make the recipient happy. 

InterOnlineGifts is the trading name of UKEU Global Sociedad Limitada. The company is registered in Spain and located in sunny Barcelona. InterOnlineGifts, like Barcelona, strive to offer experiences for everyone. 

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