What is Internet Marketing Conversion

High site conversion is what internet marketers are chasing. This indicator is directly related to site monetization. If you plan to make money using the site, you first need to understand the concepts.

What is website conversion

Website conversion is what you want to achieve on a site from a user.

On a specific page from the user, you expect the target action, it can be:

  • purchase,
  • registration,
  • newsletter subscription,
  • call,
  • request,
  • or other action useful to your business.

How to calculate the site conversion rate

The conversion rate of sites is the ratio of the number of all site visitors to those who have committed the target action.

  Let’s take a simple example: you’re twisting an ad and want to calculate its conversion. Several people see this ad (for example, there are 3,000); the number of people who clicked on the ad (for example, there are 200); and the number of people who bought your product after a click (for example, there are 15). The way you calculate your conversion will depend on your initial goals. If you set the maximum number of clicks from an ad to a site as the goal of the advertising campaign, you can calculate the conversion from impressions to clicks: 

200/3000 * 100% = 6.67%

The conversion rate was 6.67%. This means that just so many people clicked on an ad from those who saw it.

If the purpose of an advertising campaign is sales from an ad, then you need to calculate the conversion of sales:

15/200 * 100% = 7.5%

In this case, the conversion rate was 7.5%. This is the percentage of people who made the sale of those who clicked on the ad.

  With the help of the conversion, you can understand how the advertising and the way it is presented meets the business goals. You can compare the conversions of different advertising campaigns to understand which of them works better, that is, bring more profit to the business. 

There is no single conversion metric considered successful. The conversion rate, which is considered high, will be very different for different business areas.

How to increase conversion

There are a lot of things that affect conversions, and this topic deserves a separate article. The main things to pay attention to:

1. Increase website loading speed.

According to Akamai’s research, every 0.1 seconds of download delay reduces site conversion by 7%. A second of delay already takes 20%, according to Google. The speed of loading a site can be affected by hosting.

2. Tell potential buyers about yourself.

  It is difficult to build confidence in your site if its users cannot learn anything about you and your company. Make an informative and interesting page about yourself, tell us about the history of the company, values ​​, and principles of work, the team. 

3. Work on your UX design.

This is a real weak point of many sites. It should be convenient and clear to users how to place an order on the site. If this is not the case, then taking care of the beauty of the appearance does not make sense. Use A / B testing to determine how users respond to changes.

4. Show your expertise.

  If it’s too expensive for you to maintain and promote your blog with articles about your field of activity, add at least a few cases or expert materials. This will confirm that you are well versed in your business and this will create trust among users. 

5. Simplify the user’s path to the transaction.

Audit the chain of actions that the user performs before the transaction, and remove from it all unnecessary actions that do not help the user to make a purchase. For example, do not force the user to fill out 100500 personal data fields without fail, but leave only the necessary ones.

6. Use calls to action on the pages.

If you want to get a specific action from the user, give the appropriate message. Place calls to action at the bottom of the page when the user has already read all the information and is ready to act.

7. Add a block with answers to questions.

  The familiar block with frequently asked questions will help the user quickly find out the nuances of ordering a product or service, delivery times, guarantees, and other things relevant to your business. 

8. Show reviews from other customers.

Most tend to shop when influenced by other people’s recommendations. Seeing that many people have already used your services and made up their minds about them, potential users will be able to make a purchase decision faster. Tip: do not clean up negative reviews. There is no service or company that 100% of customers would be happy with. Therefore, the complete absence of negative reviews will cause distrust. It is better to correctly respond to negative opinions of customers, resolving those issues in which they were not satisfied.

9. Offer something for free.

  Add accompanying goods to the order for free, or deliver goods for free from a certain order amount. Everyone is pleased to receive something for free, and this will serve as an additional motivation to purchase from you. 

Recall the most important thing

  Site conversion is an indicator that can’t get in touch with if you decide to make money using the site. Each page of a site or advertising campaign may have its type of conversion. First, determine the goal – what do you want to achieve from the user, then calculate the current conversion using the formula. All that remains is to work on improving it, constantly improving the elements of the site, and motivating users to buy on your site. 

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a former journalist and a translator who has always read a lot and dreamt of travelling throughout the world. Now, she is a successful freelance writer who writes articles for http://essay-editor.net and enjoys traveling. 

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