Staying Fit In The Era Of Technology

Necessity is the mother of invention, and this necessity has led to the invention of many machines and devices which has increased the comfort level of humans. But with this comfort level also came a price of staying unfit There was a time when we used to go out to buy things which we needed but with the emergence of the home delivery system, anything we want is available to us at our doorstep. Therefore, there is nothing wrong to say that we have become slaves of machines

Nowadays, we hardly have any physical activity as part of our routine and due to this, at a very early age, we start suffering from various lifestyle diseases especially obesity. Even our professional lives include working on laptop/PCs. Therefore, it becomes important to focus on our physical and mental health when we are living in a virtual world.

  1. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY– No matter how cliché it becomes but the importance of physical activity can’t be denied. Every day, we should try to engage ourselves in any physical activity for at least 20 to 25 minutes. Even just 20 minutes of walking or jogging can help us in staying fit.
  2. EATING HEALTHY FOOD– With the emergence of food deliveries app like zomato, swiggy, etc, consuming processed and junk food has become more convenient and easier. But it has a drastic effect on our health. Therefore, eating unprocessed and healthy food is the first step to keep ourselves fit.
  3. TAKING SHORT STROLLS- Taking small strolls or walk-in nature is very beneficial for both our physical and mental health. As long term exposure to harmful radiations of phones can have a harmful effect on our health, therefore spending some quality time observing nature, listening to chirpings of birds can have a very positive effect on our mental health. Also, spending time in nature helps in developing other qualities. 
  4. TAKING BREAK FROM MOBILES– Regular contact with a screen can have a way more dangerous effect than we think, on our eyes and health for that matter. The continuous exposure to harmful radiations that mobile phones and laptops emit can have severe health issues in the long run. Therefore, taking a break from phones, TV or any device for that matter, once a week can help.

These are a few simple steps which can be easily implemented to stay fit and healthy in this era where we are surrounded by technology.

“Technology is a useful servant
but a dangerous master”

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